Tasting Notes

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About Tasting Notes:

I started Tasting Notes as a way to close my wine tasting gap. On my wine journey everyone told me "to taste better, you just need to taste more" but I thought that was kinda bullshit. Wine is complicated, it takes a lot of time to understand it, to unpack the complexity in each glass and if I was going to figure all of that out on my own, it was going to take forever. I wanted some professional oversight, which is a little harder to come by when you are not in the business. I also figured I couldn't be alone. I couldn't be the only one desperate for help discovering and unpacking all the wonders of wine, so I wanted to create a space where people could come along and learn with me. That space became Tasting Notes and it seemed the podcast medium made the most sense.

Every episode starts and ends with tasting and if you sign up for our email list or follow us on our social media channels, we'll let you know in advance of each episode the wines we're going to be drinking. This give you a chance to go pick up each of the wines, round up some of your friends and taste along with us! I break each episode down into 3 tastings and I leave the wines up to my wine expert guests. I really want the tasting to be a reflection of them, of their style and of wines they love. Sometimes we'll do some more educational or structured stuff like differences in body or how to pick out oak or sometimes we might feature a specific producer but most of the time the wines will tell you a bit about whoever my guest wine expert is.  We will, without fail go off on tangents, usually spurred by my stupid questions but that's kinda the point, I am here to learn and I'm not afraid to ask, so lets get to tasting!
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