Rosé! Not so "Basic"

I've always been anti Rosé. I just never considered it a "real" wine, but Brian twisted my arm and I'm glad he did. So much to unpack in these easy drinkers.

About The Wines:
Producer: Flowers
Vintage: 2019
Country: US
Region: Cali Coast (sonoma)
GRaper: Pinot Noir

Color: lighter salmon pink
Aromas: Peach, Strawberry, Floral, Stone fruit, minerality
Palate: medium high acidity, clean and crisp, light bodied, low alcohol, grapefruit

Producer: Summer Water
Vintage: 2019
Country: US
Region: California, Central Coast 
Grape: Grenache/Syrah

Color: Pink/orange hue
Aroma: Very aromatic, peach, candy, jolly rancher watermelon, strawberry, citrus, lime, melon
Taste: mild acidity acid, long finish, 

Sunstone Winery is the Central Coast winery I visited on my baby moon. Great wine and great setup for an afternoon. 

Open range on temperature for Rose, with colder drinking having the ability to hide wine flaws

Producer: La Bandol Blanche
Provance, France

Color: Dark Salmon, Nantucket Salmon Pants
Aroma: Fruit Driven, spice, red fruit, grassy
Taste: red apple, citrus, 
Alcohol: medium

Grape: Movedre driven